What are EMI waves?

"Electromagnetic waves" are waves that are created as a result of the interaction between an electric field and a magnetic field and that move through the air. The way they move can be compared to the wave movement of the sea. Our living space is full of all types of invisible electromagnetic waves, the existence of which we are never aware of. In Taiwan, the awareness of and protection against electromagnetic interference is gradually receiving attention, and although Taiwan has not yet introduced Read more [...]

Do FSP have safety standard certifications?

Our products have passed the safety standards of various countries, including the FIMKO(Finland), NEMKO (Norway), CSA (Canada Standards Association), D (Denmark), CB (International Certification Body), UL (American Underwriters Laboratory), DVE (Germany), TUV (North America), and SEMKO (Sweden) safety standard. They have also obtained electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic radiation interference related certification, such as CE (European safety standard for electrical equipment), FCC Read more [...]

What is the meaning of this label data on Power Supply Units?

1. Wattage A Power supply can transform alternating current (AC) of the utility power into direct current (DC) required by your computer. Most power supplies provide the computer with +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V, -5V power, and we usually use the wattage (watts) to evaluate the power's capability. 2. Capacitance Capacitance plays a very important role in power supplies. A high-capacity filter capacitor can provide the computer with a better and purer input current, which is extremely important for Read more [...]