What you should know about Power Supply Units!

a. The more fan, the better? Fans are relied upon to effectively disperse the waste heat generated by the power supply. In addition to the commonly seen single fan power supplies, power supplies with a double or even triple fan design for even better heat convection and concurrent dispersion of heat inside the computer have emerged on the market. Although in theory better dissipation efficiency can be attained with a larger number of fans, a good case design can actually also successfully dissipate Read more [...]

What are the risks of an inferior quality power supply?

a. Hard disk burnout after power failure! After the computer is turned on and ready, it will send a PG (Power Good) signal to the motherboard. Upon receiving this signal, the system will boot and the hard disk will start to read and write. When at this point there is low voltage and insufficient power, the hard disk will experience an abnormal rotation speed due to which the magnetic heads of the hard disk cannot be suspended to their normal position and will scratch the disk. b. Unstable screen Read more [...]