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The ION MATE series are All-in-One Energy Storage Systems that integrate high-quality, long-life Lithium Iron-Phosphate Batteries, Battery Management Systems (BMS), AC Chargers, Photovoltaic (PV) Chargers, DC- AC inverters and System Control, with wireless monitoring, into a self-contained, self-managed unit to effectively utilize solar energies and AC grid power while providing back-up capability.


  • Easy installation (plug & play with pre-installed power outlets) & maintenance
  • Long battery life cycles > 2,000
  • Safety low voltage (48V) battery system
  • Support both grid (up to 2.4kW) and PV (up to 3.6kW) inputs
  • Two independent AC outputs (rated at 2.3kVA)
  • High power conversion efficiency ( ≥94%)
  • Flexible configuration & easy expansion (19” rack system chassis)
  • Programmable timer for charging and discharging (via LCD touch control)
  • Programmable “backup energy levels” (via LCD touch control)
  • “Hot-connect” (maintaining system operation while battery rack is being removed or added)
  • Support stand-alone, non-grid-tie systems


Product Video:

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