Champ Tower Series (6k/10k)

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FSP Champ Tower Serie is the high density version of double-conversion online UPS with a output power factor 0.9. It’s designed in small cabinet with microprocessor controller. It also has USB and RS-232 communication ports as standard, with a built-in intelligent slot for additional adapters, protocol converters and relate contact cards.


  • True double-conversion
  • Microprocessor control optimizes reliability
  • Input power factor correction
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • Wide input voltage (130 V – 280 V)
  • Converter mode available
  • ECO mode for energy saving
  • Generator compatible
  • Charger capacity expansion to 6A
  • Smart SNMP works well with either USB or RS-232 together
  • Comprehensive display allows easy monitoring and access of UPS status
  • Adjustable battery numbers 16, 17, 18, 19, 20pcs

UPS Specifications:

Model Champ TW 6KL Champ TW 10KL
Capacity 6000 VA / 5400W 10000 VA / 9000W
Input Voltage Range 110-300 VAC (50% load), 176-300VAC (100% load)
Input Frequency 46Hz ~ 54Hz or 56Hz ~ 64Hz
Power Factor ≥ 0.99 @ Nominal Voltage (100% load)
Output Voltage 208/220/230/240 VAC
Output Frequency Range 46Hz ~ 54Hz or 56Hz ~ 64Hz
Current Crest Ratio 3:1
Harmonic Distortion ≤ 3 % THD (Linear Load)
≤ 5 % THD (Non-linear Load)
Output Transfer Time (Typical) Zero (AC to DC)
Zero (Inverter to Bypass)
Output Waveform (Batt. Mode) Pure Sinewave
Battery Type & Number No internal battery No internal battery
Backup Time  Up to 12mins @ full load Up to 6mins @ full load
Typical Recharge Time (up to 90% capacity) 4 hours
Indicators / AC Mode  
Indicators / Battery Mode  
Indicators / Battery level  
Indicators / Load level  
Indicators / Bypass mode  
Indicators / Fault  
Alarm / Battery Mode Sounding every 4 seconds
Alarm / Low Battery Sounding every second (Batt. Mode)
Alarm / Overload Sounding twice per second
Alarm / Fault Continuously sounding
Physical Dimension (mm) 369 x 190 x 318 (DxWxH) 442 x 190 x 318 (DxWxH)
UPS Net Weight (kg)
Long run time Model
12 16
Operating Environment / Humidity 20-90 % RH @ 0- 40°C (non-condensing)
Operating Environment / Noise Level Less than 50dB @ 1 Meter
Management / Optional USB / RS-232 Port Supports Windows® 98/XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10, Windows® Server 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016, Linux, and MAC Supports Windows® 98/XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10, Windows® Server 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016, Linux, and MAC
Optional SNMP Power management from SNMP manager and web browser

Run-Time Table per Loading


Minutes (Champ TW 6K)



Minutes (Champ TW 10K)

External Battery Pack

  • BB-192/09T: with 16pcs 9Ah 12V battery inside
  • BB-240/09T: with 20pcs 9Ah 12V battery inside
  • BB-240/10T: with 20pcs 10Ah 12V battery inside


Network Management

  • SNMP card
  • SNMP box
  • Modbus card
  • Relay card


ViewPower – Monitoring Software

ViewPower is an advanced UPS management software. It allows remote monitor and manage from one to multiple UPSs in a networked environment, either LAN or INTERNET. It can not only prevent data loss from power outage and safely shutdown systems, but also store programming data and scheduled shutdown UPSs.

Feature summary :
• Allows control and monitoring of multiple UPSs via LAN and INTERNET
• Supports auto and manual online upgrade
• User-friendly power analysis graph: event statistics, history data chart export
• Real-time dynamic graphs of UPS data (voltage, frequency, load level, battery level)
• Safely OS shutdown and protection from data loss during power failure
• Warning notifications via audible alarm, broadcast, mobile messenger, and e-mail
• Scheduled UPS on/off, battery test, programmable outlet control, and audible alarm control
• Password security protection and remote access management
• Supports multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Turkish

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